Port of Ashburton Onslow

The Port of Ashburton lies 12 kilometres west of the Town of Onslow and just 400km from our Exmouth supply base. Base Marine operates within the secure boundary of the port limits. We are also a licensed stevedoring and bunkering provider at the port. Base Marine is fully resourced to manage any projects you have through this well-established port.

Ashburton is a world-class port facility, and it is well constructed and maintained. Base is well established at the port with services at the ready to support your projects. Amongst our materials handling fleet we own outright or have established networks of cranes, forklifts and other equipment required to support your project including forklift capacity up to 32T, a 150T crane, elevated work platform, office space, gangways, storage, crib room, internet and FIFI capabilities. The port provides the best wharf access and adjacent working area in the North-West of WA and is exceptionally easy to operate out of due to the lack of congestion experienced in other ports and privately owned and operated stevedoring services.

Ashburton is a controlled port, like Dampier in that the port authority implements safety/port control measures which is a major benefit to oil and gas clients where risk control is paramount.

With Base Marine, you will experience the benefit of operating out of a controlled port whilst still dealing with a privately owned company and all the flexibility and service that comes along with that.

Our services on Onslow include:

Decommissioning support


Road transport

Customs clearances

Vessel loadouts

Depth 7.5M LAT

Max displacement 147000 MT

Onshore assembly of modules/spools

Bunkering of fuel supplies

Vessel hire

Materials handling

Pipe storage/laydown

Max vessel length 150m LOA


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