Salvage and Decommissioning

Base Marine is a specialist provider of decommissioning and salvage support in Australia’s North-West and has managed and executed numerous scopes of work in this field. Below is a gallery of photos from recent jobs.

Base Marine was engaged to support the Woolybutt decommissioning by McDermott Australia in December 2022.

Base supplied a heavy specialised trailer and engineered two critical lifts and movements to the Base laydown.

Once in the laydown, internal NORM contaminated sections had to be carefully removed by Base personnel and disposed of before the rest of the structures could be demolished and scrapped. All of this is handled by Base and the client enjoys a low risk decommissioning solution.

Base Marine brought a 100m barge into Ashburton in September 2021 with the bottom side of Santos’ Sinbad platform which was then braced, demolished and scrapped. Base Marine’s scope was executed flawlessly and without incident

BHP’s Griffin field had several hundred buoyancy modules that Base accepted ownership of in-field and brought in to Exmouth where these were cleaned and then transported to a processing facility where they were re-constituted.

The Griffin Field Mid-Depth Buoys (MDB’s) were accepted by Base Marine in the field and brought to Exmouth where they were cleaned, coatings removed and modified to then be re-floated by Base and ultimately submerged onto the seabed in the Exmouth Gulf where they remain as the southern hemispheres largest artificial reef.

Base cutting and loading scrap steel into bins for processing at Ashburton

A decommissioning offshore platform laying alongside our southern Quay at Ashburton whilst we cut it down and brought it ashore for disposal.


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