Equipment Hire

Having a Base Marine broker any of your equipment hire needs will ensure you get the best price and the right equipment. Base Marine has an ever-expanding fleet of hire equipment and specialises in hiring equipment out for onshore and offshore use. Along with what’s listed below, we have supply agreements in place with several companies that supply heavy-duty equipment of all descriptions and we have procurement specialists on site who can source whatever you need to meet your requirements at the right price.

Fuel Supplies

“Base Marine Fuel Supplies is your one-stop-shop for refuelling in WA and the premier refuelling location in both Onslow and Exmouth.”

At our supply base in Onslow and Exmouth, we have our own fully engineered fuel facility where we offer low flow and high flow fuel supply in a controlled and environmentally friendly manner.

Salvage and Decommissioning

“Base Marine has experience in all aspects of marine salvage including recovery, towage, lifting, demolition and recycling of materials”

Base has been engaged to consult on numerous salvage jobs and lifted countless vessels from the water in Exmouth to conduct repairs and assist in emergency situations. We have extensive experience in marine towage and are ready to discuss any of your salvage, demolition and re-purposing requirements.

Exmouth Boat Lifting Facility

Our boat lifting facility is the only one of it’s kind in the North-West of Australia and it is the largest straddle carrier in WA.

Locally, Exmouth can provide many of the services you require to support your vessel slipping and maintenance programme. For anything else, there are overnight trucks to and from Perth daily. Let us manage your entire project or manage it yourself and use your own preferred contractors.

Management Systems

The design and implementation of Base Marines Safety Training and Environmental Management System (STEMS) has been influenced by Base Marines particular business environment and risks associated with that environment. In addition, the system has been structured to support the varying needs of the business, its particular objectives, the services it provides, the processes it employs and its size and organisational structure.